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Astamar Group s.r.l. has been working in the naval supplies for over 30 years. We are specialized in food.

Our primary objective is to identify the priorities of our customers, ensuring the highest commitment to providing fast, effective, efficient answers and constantly analyzing market trends in order to improve the competitiveness of our services. The high quality standards guarantee high quality and efficiency.

Since June 2011, our company has reformulated the composition of the shareholding structure: employees, former members, driven by a strong passion gained over the years, have decided to purchase the entire share capital to provide (give) to our new and previous clients a service more competitive and better

We are involved in the most important and prestigious industry associations, including national and international (wich are)Anpan and Issa.

As of today, our company had a loyal customers for a long time.

Info Box

  • The port of Naples

    Position: 40°51’19” N - 14°15’36” E
    Total surface waters: sqm. 2.660.000
    Total area of ground: sqm. 1.426.000
    Calls: 75
    Total length of quays: ml. 11.145
    Dephi: fino a 15 m di profondità
    No. Hits: 2, larghi 250 e 300 m
    Pilot: compulsory service is available 24/24 h
    Roads inside the port: 3 Km
    Tracks inside the port area: 1.8 Km

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No Stop Service

Our team is always available to meet your needs promptly, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

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Food department

Leader in ship food supplies, we can satisfy any customers request . of our customers.
In addition to meat, fish, fruit and vegetables, which our specialists choose from the most genuine and fresh, we are specialized in providing oriental products.

Our Structure

Our facility has a 3000 sqm warehouse of which 600 square meters are refrigerated. We have customs authorization type C warehousing and bonded warehouses for the sale of tobacco and liquor, and a fleet of vehicles - refrigerators of varying scope.